[quake2] Quake2 stencil shadows..

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at quakeforge.net
Tue Sep 24 05:57:34 EDT 2002

This one time, at band camp, Vincent S. Cojot wrote:
>The way the quakeforge team did it was to add another clvar (command-line
>variable) so Yes, it can be enabled/disabled at runtime or by editing your
>config.cfg file..

I plan to fix it to use the existing gl_shadows cvar (set to 2 for stencil
shadows) instead of having the extra cvar that could confuse people
(currently, gl_stencilshadows does nothing unless gl_shadows is also turned

As for the patch, look at the tutorials on quakesrc.org, the stencil shadows
stuff is pretty trivial.

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