[quake2] Can't advance to Unit 2

Bobakitoo bobakitoo at mac.com
Wed Sep 11 12:33:13 EDT 2002

Did you modify the source code? like removing cl_cin.c(or cin.c?) ?
ther is important code in cinamatic that tell the server
to go to next level.

if you have remove cinamatic suport, then go into cl_parse.c to function
CL_ParseServerData. Right after the line "if (cl.playernum == -1){"
they where a SCR_FinishCinematic call. if you have remove it, add:

MSG_WriteByte (&cls.netchan.message, clc_stringcmd);
SZ_Print (&cls.netchan.message, va("nextserver %i\n", cl.servercount));

now, wait few sec in intermission and hit fire.

> >I have had this happen to me before, I just hit the attach button, which
> >happens to be mouse1 and the next level starts loading.
> >Have you tried this?
> (presumably you mean "attack"?) Yes, I have pressed every button on the 
> mouse and keyboard and nothing works. :(
> --
> Amoe

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