Can't advance to Unit 2

David Banks subvert_you at
Tue Sep 10 06:21:53 EDT 2002

I'm running's Quake 2, version 0.14.1, compiled myself. Playing 
it works fine, graphics, sound, control all okay, no errors. Problem is, 
whenever I reach the end of the first unit on single player, the game 
refuses to let me continue. No errors, no crash, not even a "stop" - the 
camera angle still moves and ambient sounds are still played, but no action 
on my part can advance me to the next unit.

I'm running Linux 2.4.19, and have Quake2 set up in SDL 640x480 on an ATI 
Rage Pro. My Windows friend assures me that to advance in Windows you can 
just press fire and you should go to the next unit. Sadly, no matter how 
many keys/mouse buttons I press, that never happens. I kinda suspect my 
datafiles might be broken - the procedure for patching them to 3.20 as 
mentioned in the README seemed a little murky to me at the time, and I can't 
remember quite how I did it. So if you can't help I'll probably just 
reinstall the datafiles and see if that fixes things; but if you can, thank 
you very much, and I'm very sorry if it's at all off-topic.

Thanks in advance.


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