[quake2] Solaris packages..

Vincent S. Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Fri Sep 6 09:45:31 EDT 2002

> Vincent,
> Solaris binaries have been posted.  Could you check and make sure they
> work.  When I downloaded them from your site they came through as
> uncompressed, I'm not sure if my web browser did the decompression
> automatically or what, so I recompressed them and posted them.
> Hopefully they still work.

Hello Brendan,

It's really strange:

The gzip'ed files are different (the ones on your site are a little smaller
by a few bytes) but the pkg files inside the gzip'ed archives are identical
(size and md5 match).. Can you try re-downloading them with "wget" and check
with the md5sum's from my previous e-mail? Sorry about the trouble.. Also,
on the web page, can you change "Full Game Installer" to "Solaris Binaries
Package" and "Demo Installer" to "Demo files package"..? I should have
mentionned it earlier.. Sorry again about that. Many thanks..

PS: I'll be away for a few days starting tomorrow.. I hope evereything will
go fine but I have tested my packages throughly and everything technical
should be OK..

My best regards to you, brendan.. Have a nice week-end.


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