[quake2] Good News about the shareware data files..

Vincent S. Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Thu Sep 5 13:28:57 EDT 2002

> Isn't that what I've been doing, minus data files?
> I could make a demo installer with the next version.

Yup.. it's exactly what you've been doing.. :) That's why I asked Id about
both packages (Linux and Solaris). Also, Including the shareware data files
is good. It's great because people who get your installer will get
-something- functionnal, even if they don't have the Quake2 CD.. Since it
will work out of the box, they will come to like it; they will purchase a
copy of the CD, Id will make money and will be more and more sucessful and
they'll keep releasing even more sources in the future. :) :) :) :) :)

On a more serious side, am I right to think that pak1.pak (registered) takes
precedence over pak0.pak (shareware) if both are under baseq2? If people use
our installers, they'll get the shareware data files and when they install
the registered version, quake2 will simply forget about the shareware data
files and use the registered ones.. I know this was the case for QuakeI, I
have not verified it for QuakeII. Any ideas...?


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