[quake2] Rendering Problem w/o Q2Max, AA Compilation

Vincent S. Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Tue Sep 3 08:50:38 EDT 2002

> Vincent,
> Thanks, I suspect this was just me groping around in the dark...  I'll
> comment that code back in, commit it, and do a new release (It's about
> that time anyway...)
> Thanks
> --brendan

Brendan, before you release a new version.. can you check that uncommenting
that piece of code doesn't cause problems to the QMAX people? I'm
mentionning it because from the discussions we had before, it seemed there
were many issues with particles and QMAX.. I would do that myself but the
sad thing is I am not able to test QMAX yet.. (I'm on Solaris and need to
write more code if I am to support QMAX). Cheers and Thanks for the upcoming
release.. :)

PS: When it's released, I'll build and then let you download two .pkg files
from my site (packages for Solaris people) so you'll be able to place them
on the project's page if you have time..

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