[quake2] quake2-r0.13.1 comments

Peter Bruley pbruley at highstream.net
Sun Sep 1 23:48:57 EDT 2002

Okay that was the problem.

Got the game to run after downloading the missing pak file

Thanks for the fast replies.


zakk wrote:

>On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 21:18, zakk wrote:
>>On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 20:53, Brendan Burns wrote:
>>>Or download maxpak.pak from icculus.org.  There are more details in the
>>>README...  (we should really add this to a Q2 FAQ ;-P)
>>>On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 20:30, zakk wrote:
>>>>Disable Q2MAX in the makefile. 
>>>>zakk at timedoctor.org
>>It's on i.o?
>>Give me things you want in the lgfaq, or Ryan can give you (CVS) access.
>>zakk at timedoctor.org
>I see.
>I'll toss it in the lgfaq...


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