pics/colormap problem

Sam Halliday fommil at
Thu Oct 31 13:48:44 EST 2002

in answer to my own post... turns out that my CD of
quake 2 had a PAK0.PAK file (uppercase), so i renamed
that file and the pics files seemed to load OK.
however... now i get this problem... (whole screen log

Quake 2 -- Version 3.21+rCVS
Added packfile ./baseq2/pak0.pak (3307 files)
using /home/samuel/.quake2/baseq2/ for writing
execing default.cfg
execing config.cfg
Unknown command "generated"
Console initialized.

------- sound initialization -------
sound sampling rate: 11025
------- Loading -------
setting mode 0: 320 240
808k surface cache
ref_soft version: SOFT 0.01
CDAudio_Init: open of "/dev/cdrom" failed (2)
------- Loading -------
ERROR: failed to load game DLL
Error: Error during initialization

any advice?
thanks in advance!

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