[quake2] Quake2 and Eraser (sorry I forgot the subject :)

Juan Francisco Rodriguez Hervella jrh at it.uc3m.es
Wed Oct 23 04:09:53 EDT 2002

Brendan Burns wrote:
> There is a very good chance (read aprox. 100%) that any binary mods
> won't work with our version of Quake2 for linux.
> I'm sure that eraser wasn't compiled for FreeBSD, therefore it'll never
> work there.
> The source for lithium and eraser are not available so, they're pretty
> much useless there.  There's a note specific to EraserBot in the
> readme...
> --brendan

This is a very bad new. I've read the note in the readme, but I was
why they don't work. What have you missed in the Linux porting of Quake2
Is not possible to make it compatible with those mods ? I'm not asking
FreeBSD now, I would be happy if I was able to make them run under
Maybe you could try to make a verion of Quake2 that works with them, I
Quake2 and Eraser worth it.



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