[quake2] quake flaw

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Sun Oct 6 05:06:33 EDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Bobakitoo wrote:

> i belive ther a desing flaw in quake2..
> R_DrawEntitiesOnList call R_DrawBrushModel for transparent model (window)
> R_DrawBrushModel make somme transformation using R_RotateForEntity
> R_DrawBrushModel call R_DrawInlineBModel
> R_DrawInlineBModel add SURF_TRANS33 and SURF_TRANS66 to r_alpha_surfaces chain.

How did you notice that there was a problem.. did you use a debugger or
just reading the source..?

> Once entities are "draw", R_DrawAlphaSurfaces called from R_RenderView() to
> do the actual drawing of alpha surface. But at this point transformation
> matrix has been Pop.

Can you tell us a bit more about the lins of code where this happens..?
Just to know..

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