[quake2] Roadmap?

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Fri Oct 4 18:23:58 EDT 2002

I think the roadmap is:	
	* Improve things that people think need fixing in for Linux Quake II,
while remaining true to the original game.
	* I am particularly interested in writing 'bots (since I'm a graduate
student in artificial intelligence)  So I plan on cleaning up and
writing support libraries to facilitate bot writing.  *someday*

Like anyother open-source project people should contribute patches that
fix problems that bother them or add functionality that they like.

I see myself much less as an arbiter of where this project is going, and
more as a ringmaster that tries to keep everything in control...

Plus I have about a million and one demands on my time ;-P

So this is encouragement to everyone out there to hack and submit
patches!  I don't think my roadmap restricts most additions people will
want to make ;-)


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