[quake2] Lithium ii qestion

Matthew Goins mjgoins at students.wisc.edu
Wed Oct 2 15:53:01 EDT 2002

Yeah, all the different games are in the appropriate folders. The thing
about recompiling is that lithium is not an open source project. Maybe I
should just find a similar mod that is open source? Also there are no
error messages when I start up.


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That's odd, because presumably the ctf mod is in the same type of 
location right:

.../quake2/ctf/gamei86.so etc
and it works with quake2 +set game ctf

I would guess that there's something wrong with the mod, maybe you need 
to recompile?  I haven't really tried to play around with too many mods.

Are there any error messages on stdout when you start up?

Sorry I can't be more helpful...

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