[quake2] Re: Quake2 and SDL

Rene Koenig rk at fbit.de
Tue Nov 26 17:23:26 EST 2002

On 26 Nov 2002 14:43:06 -0500
Mental Patient <mental at neverlight.com> wrote:

> If I recall, when I Load extmod, I dont omit xfree86-dga. This allows
> the resolution changes without restarting X. If your hardware supports
> DGA, enable it. You should be able to play any game full screen in any
> supported vidmode.

    SubSection  "extmod"
    Option    "xfree86-dga"   # initialise the DGA extension

I've got a Nvidia TNT2 Card.

It dont work. Maybe my card dosn't suport DGA?
Or is there more to do in the config?

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