[quake2] FreeBSD Nvidia drivers and Quake2

Xavier Brouckaert gav at bugfactory.org
Fri Nov 22 04:45:04 EST 2002

I tried Quake2-0.14.1 on FreeBSD-4.7 with the NVidia drivers
(NVIDIA_FreeBSD-1.0-3203 on a Geforce2MX400) and it worked ;-)

First, I had to modify the Makefile to fix a small problem of include
files :
(Why don't the maintainers switch to automake/autoconf ???)

Second, at runtime, there was 2 problems that i fixed in
1) game not smooth at all -> workaround :
	set cd_nocd "1"
2) sound latency -> workaround :
	set snddevice "/dev/dsp"
	set sndchannels "2"
	set sndspeed "44100"
	set sndbits "16"
	set s_primary "0"
	set s_mixahead "0.02"
	set s_loadas8bit "0"
	set s_khz "22"
	set s_volume "0.400000"
I tested with the "quake2" executable and it works (when you choose
OpenGL in the Video settings).  With the "sdlquake2" executable, it
crashed my computer (it worked before in software rendering but after,
my config.cfg was set to use OpenGL and sdlquake2 crashed) :-(


On Sat, 2002-11-16 at 13:21, Christian Jarczyk wrote:
> Hi, 
> I tried to get Quake2 with sdlgl working with FreeBSD and the new Nvidia graphics driver.
> Unfortunately it always crashes with Signal 11. 
> Was anybody able to get it work or are any suggestions?
> Regards,
> Christian 

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