Couple generic questions..

Vincent Cojot coyote at
Sun Nov 3 15:43:11 EST 2002

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago, I started playing through the single-player levels of
quake2 since it works fine on sparc/solaris8 and also since I have a
machine that's capable of running it. Yesterday, as I was playing my way
through the "Control Grid" level, I had the surprise to see that the
"blinking blue lasers" were in fact blinking a definite yellow.. The red
lasers were red just fine and also it happened on sparc/solaris8 but not
on Linux/x86 where the lasers are blue.. I'll try to find where it happens
in the source but I was wondering the following: Would anyone know if
those lasers are entities or if they depend on some specific code? A
screenshot (with correct blue color) is at:, or you may try it
yourself by loading map 'security'. Searching the code for 'laser' didn't
come up with anything relevant..

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