[quake2] Hello (Server time)

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 1 14:51:30 EST 2002

"This hole [rcon vulnerability to rogue client] was pointed out awhile ago
and has been fixed in the icculus source (circa release 0.12 or 0.13) its in
the appropriate release notes. - brendan"

If you have something earlier than that and are using it as a server, it is
recommended that you upgrade or use BWADMIN, which will prevent the $
character from being interpreted by your server as svars.

Their forum states ( Originally posted by Deathwatch) :
"BW runs a server executable which fixes the rcon exploit plus some other

Perhaps when the (unofficial) 3.22 version comes out, we can all look forward
to another port.  Right now, version 0.15 is quite a few months behind what
you'd have if you ported something from the DOS world today.  Some people
swear by emulation, although I'd probably be swearing at it if that were my
only option.


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