[quake2] Hello (Server time)

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 1 08:39:22 EST 2002

"Would someone know how I can setup map voting? or any
other type of voting on this server such as bots, etc?"


I'm not sure what you mean by other type of voting such as bots.
Voting to use or play bots?

In addition to voting, Q2Admin adds:

Extended client to client private chat.
Ability for clients to trigger sounds to other clients.
Detailed logging and basic cheat protection.
Ability to mute clients, send any command to clients.
Partial remote admin and assistant access
withouth giving up the remote password.

I'm assuming the rcon vulnerability to rogue clients has been fixed in this
server source.  If not, anyone able to download and use a hacked client (Or
if you know what you're really doing, write a script) will get your remote
admin password.  If anyone would like their server tested, change rcon to
something cryptic, and email me with address to connect to your server.

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