[quake2] Dynamic lights with multitexture

Hampton Maxwell maxwell at 101freeway.com
Fri May 17 03:55:08 EDT 2002

I just tested it and it does seem extreme: 175 -> 144 fps.  I do 
remember that back when I was playing on Windows dynamic lighting only 
caused a 1-2 fps hit on a Voodoo 2 system, so this is probably a new 
issue.  Try one of the older releases and see if this was caused by a 
patch, that would probably be easier to track down.


Victor Shkamerda wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody have any idea why using dynamic lights together with OpenGL multitexture 
 > extension caused such bad performance hit? I don't believe that it's
> something inevitable because Quake 3 works just fine in such configuration. I'd 
like to
> fix it but don't see how to profile such thing.
> With best regards,
> Victor Shkamerda

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