[quake2] Q2 & Nvidia

David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Wed Mar 20 03:43:39 EST 2002

Brendan Burns <brendanburns at attbi.com> meowed:

BB> Still uncertain  about what  is causing  your problem.   (Anyone who
BB> wants to send me a spare Nvidia card to test with is welcome to ;-P)

        ;) Gee,  if I  was rich  I'd do  that actually. This  problem is
confusing me more than most other problems since it doesn't seem to make
any sense, but is always reproducable.

BB> Otherwise, I'm not really sure.  I'll look at the code some more and
BB> see if I can think of places  for you to put debug statements to see
BB> what is going on, however  distributed debugging is probably not the
BB> best possible plan...

        =(  I  know. I'm sorry  for  this... If  it  wasn't such  a  big
controller problem I'd prolly just leave it  be, but to me, the mouse is

BB>  (On   the  other-hand,  see   forthcoming  joystick  news   for  an

        I know, but  there is no way  I could control this  game (or any
shooter) with a joystick or gamepad... I'll use the keyboard-only method
as fallback, but a joystick ... impossible =).


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