[quake2] Q2 & Nvidia

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Tue Mar 19 10:24:57 EST 2002

On 3/19/02 7:04 AM, "Gary Chisholm" <gary at nexlinks.net> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Just having some issues with the new quake2 downlaods.  I was using
> quake2 with the q2hack for my nvidia TNT2 card for a while but since I
> compiled the new binaries I'm having issues with the mouse keeping to
> the Quake2 screen.
> Anyone else have a nvidia card can post there XF86config or any fixs I
> can do to make this work?
> Thanks,

Do you mean that the mouse isn't working, or that the mouse can move outside
of the game window (in non-fullscreen mode)?  If the later is the case you
might try the SDL application rather than the regular one.

Otherwise I'm not sure.  There were some discussions earlier regarding
Nvidia cards and the XDGA extenstions.


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