[quake2] Error: Bad surface extents

Steven Fuller relnev at icculus.org
Fri Mar 8 16:04:58 EST 2002

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Olaf [ISO-8859-1] Müller-Michaels wrote:

> Thanks; the problem was the old pak0.pak. After copying the 3.20 patched
> pak0.pak from a Win Installation everything works fine. Maybe, the
> manual needs to be changed to say that the patched pak0.pak should be used.

Your original copy of the pak0.pak might have been corrupt.  Since at
least Quake 2, id games never apply patches to the data, but instead they
replace or add new files in their updates.  Downloading the 3.20 update is
technically not necessary, but I suppose it's still a good thing to do.

Steven Fuller

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