[quake2] Performance issue fixed, problem found

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Fri Jun 28 15:58:12 EDT 2002

Hi Brendan,

	OK, I get the idea and it wasn't what I initially thought..
Thanks a lot for the info.. I have Solaris patches coming soon.. I'll be
testing them over the week-end.. That's fixes for key repeat for X11, soon
XIL.. new sound code for the "quake2" binary (borrowed from Utah-GLX
quake2-glx Solaris port).. Some other stuff.. I don't know for you but the
more I read q2 source, the less I understand what's going on.. I guess I
need a vacation.. :)


On 28 Jun 2002, Brendan Burns wrote:

> Vincent,
> sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this one.
> vid_so sets up the reference to the dynamically loaded function
> RW_Sys_GetClipboardData which is in the video driver (in this case
> rw_x11.c)  Basically the on initialization, the game code sets
> RW_Sys_GetClipboardData_fp to point to the location of the dynamic
> function in the ref_[glx,softx].so, then when the game code calls
> Sys_GetClipboardData, that function in turn calls
> RW_Sys_GetClipboardData_fp which points to RW_Sys_GetClipboardData in
> ref_[glx,softx].so.
> aren't dynamic libraries fun ;-P
> basically its a form of indirection.
> hth
> --brendan
> On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 08:15, Vincent Cojot wrote:
> >
> > Brendan,
> >
> > I'm porting over some changes/fixes from the linux code to the Solaris
> > code.. What's the purpose of RW_Sys_GetClipboardData_fp in vid_so.c? Is it
> > used only for passing the name of the .so library? I read the code but still
> > the reason evades me since we already have Sys_GetClipboardData..? Or is it
> > to preserver Sys_GetClipboardData that RW_Sys_GetClipboardData gets used?
> > Puzzled here...
> >
> > Vincent
> >
> >
> >

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