[quake2] Fix?

Mental mental at neverlight.com
Thu Jun 20 13:31:37 EDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-06-19 at 15:55, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> 1) Start a new game
> 2) Play the first level (make sure to get the shotgun)
> 3) Go down the elevator to get to the next level
> 4) When the elevator opens there will be a guy to the left of the 
> pillar in front of you. Shoot him with the shotgun. Watch the "wall 
> of flame" bug go crazy.
> For some reason, the bug doesn't appear if you just use the blaster. 
> Go figure.

Hey there. I think I'm on to what causes this. Its the spark effect
somehow going very very wrong. :)

The reason the blaster and the rail gun do not produce this is because
they do not report an impact the same way is other projectile weapons.
This is also why neither weapon leaves a mark on the wall.

I've noticed that once the effect happens, it will slowly go away and
seems to correct itself.

Initialy, this happens when you shoot a crate (see above for conditions
that need to be met)

Or you can shoot a wall:

Its supposed to look like this:

If you wait til they go away, the map seems to run fine afterwards but I
didnt play much to really tell. But this points me towards the spark
effect as a possible culprit. 

Also, there's an interesting blob effect sometimes. Like, you shoot
something and black blobs fall off of it:
Very minor and I'm not even sure its a real bug. 

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