Questions about Quake2 and Solaris :-)

Steve paradox at
Thu Jun 13 17:24:19 EDT 2002

Hey there :-)

First of all, Quake 2 does NOT like my /dev/audio and there doesn't seem
to be an obvious way to make Quake2 not play sound at all.  I went into
source files and hacked the sound a bit so (hopefully) it won't do
anything, but still this may be the root of my problems :-)  Is there any
way to get Quake2 to just *not* play sound under Solaris, or maybe there
should be a compile option?

Secondly, it's pointlessly slow.  I'm running an Ultra60 dual 360Mhz with
Elite3d M4 graphics; I'm not sure if my slowness is due to how I disabled
the sound (... I'd think it would go faster, personally) or if it's just
gonna suck in general.  It's only fast if I run in a tiiiiiny little
window and even then it can be rather stuttery.  The machine is doing
*nothing* else but Quake2 at the time.  I tried both softare and XIL mode,
and I've got the latest install of Solaris 8.

Any tips would be appreciated; especially on if it's possible to speed it
up a bit.  Or, if it's just going to suck, at least I'll know for sure
it's just me or not ;-)

Thanks for your help!


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