[quake2] Same old mouse problem ...

David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Thu Jun 13 04:42:07 EDT 2002

Mental <mental at neverlight.com> meowed:

M> Forgive me for asking, but whats handling the input? What vid_ref are
M> you using?  gl or  glx? Is gpm  being used for  input, that  has some
M> weird settings for acceleration.

        It's alright, it's the only  chance this might be helped anyway.
I'll answer as good  as I can. +set vid_ref glx  ... gpm isn't installed
on my system anymore. I do have an  svgalib though - but I think as long
as I chose glx as vid_ref, that doesn't affect q2 at all. Right?

M> I'm  using a  usb  mouse and  the  glx renderer  and  have no  issues
M> like  you describe. However,  when  I  had a  voodoo2  and was  using
M> svgalib/mesa, gpm would break stuff.

        I  earlier   assumed  that   changing  the  mouse   settings  in
svgalib.conf (sp?)  was weird, and  so I  thought of removing  the whole
thing as I'm not using any game that requires it (anymore). quake2 would
be the very last one.

M> what kind of mouse is it?

        PS/2 Logitech  Pilot Wheel Mouse  (M-BE58). I also have  a Wacom
Graphire Tablet with  mouse and pen. Attached and detached it  to see if
that affected  the thing, but  it did not +  the tablet mouse  shows the
same erratic behaviour.

        Something -  something somewhere in  the mouse code  in Quake2's
input handling is ... I don't know  what to call it, it's just plain not
working =(. When I move the mouse  as slow as 1 millimeter per second on
the pad, it works very smoothing, but  I turn and move with the speed of
a turtle =P.

M> sorry if ths has all been asked before.

        That's perfectly alright. I'll happily answer more.


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