Same old mouse problem ...

David Mehrmann jammet at
Wed Jun 12 18:27:35 EDT 2002

        Maybe some  new readers are  here to  help me with  this problem
which has  been there since the  first ever binary I  compiled from this
quake2 project:

        Irregular Jerky Mouse behaviour

        Only happens  in GLX graphics. Mouse  moves erratic, and  not at
all of  it is moved faster  than 1 cm  on the mousepad per  second (will
stop moving). Please  somebody try  to investigate this  effect together
with me, as I'm  utterly confused as to the this  is only happening with
me and not anybody else.

        SDL is a fresh compile,  my mouse settings (accleration and such
) are  moderate, not ANY  other app (GLX  or not) shows  this behaviour,
this is a nVidia TNT 2 setup  with their propitary drivers running in an
2.2.20 kernel environment. All libraries are in place and work as far as
I can tell, other SDL/GLX apps/games do work work just fine.

        Last call for help, otherwise I'm giving up. Playing quake2 with
keys/gamepad is no fun. Not to me.

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