[quake2] quake2 eye candy question

brendanburns at attbi.com brendanburns at attbi.com
Wed Jun 12 09:11:14 EDT 2002

My thought was that the glx eye-candy stuff would be
added as either a seperate video mode (ref_candyGLX?) or
be flippable with a flag in the Makefile.  I definately
understand the desire to maintain the look and feel of
the original and I'll make sure that happens.

vis a vis autoconf, I've been looking at the Makefile for
a while now thinking "jeez, we really need to go to
autoconf"  and then thinking "jeez, I've got a lot of
Real Work (tm) to do"  so the short answer is, Ryan if
you want to do the autoconf work I will definately use it
and be massively grateful to boot!

Thanks all...
> > However, always remember to clearly ask yourself before making every
> > single CVS commit with such changes: Am I changing the original feel
> > of the game ? Just thought I'd voice my opinion, not that it matters,
> > but still 8)
> Well, again, changes should be optional. Ideally, they should be toggled
> with cvars, but that's not always reasonable, so they should at least be
> removable with #ifdefs at build time.
> Then again, I'm talking out my butt, since I don't plan to offer those
> patches.  :)
> (However, I _will_ throw together the initial autoconf stuff if Brendan
> expresses an interest.)
> --ryan.

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