[quake2] Solaris 8 quake2 installer..

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Tue Jul 30 17:11:41 EDT 2002

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Brendan Burns wrote:

> Hey Vincent,
> I know for a fact that Quake2 does work with the demo files, you should look
> in the README for instructions (basically you want the pak0.pak from the
> demo in your baseq2 and no other paks.

Hello Brendan,

Ok, thanks for the info.

> Zakk has built a Loki Installer for Quake2 for linux, it could possibly be
> ported over to solaris as well...

	Well, the Loki installer is cross-platform and is very nice (I'm a
big fan of the Loki installer): it makes both the sysadm and the users
happy since it is easy to use and since you can specify almost any

	The reason why it's not applicable to Solaris is this: Solaris
doesn't have gtk/glib by default. Of course, if you install gnome-1.4 from
SUN you get all that but since gtk/glib isn't used by quake2 itself and I
don't want to add another dependency just to run a
solaris-counter-intutive install program.. As much as we (under Linux) are
used to playing with Loki's tools; Solaris users, on the other side,
usually do everything with packages (a-la-rpm but -MUCH- more worse under
Solaris) or with WebStart (Java Loki setup clone with many flaws but that
end up dumping real packages to your machine anyway)..

	This is why I find that the Loki installer is counter-intutive
under Solaris even if it does work. And yes, I could link statically
gtk/glib into the installer but that wouldn't solve the shmmax kernel
parameter which must be increased on Solaris in order for gtk/glib
applications to run..

	On this subject.. is the source to the quake2 installer available
somewhere? How easy is it to build?

> --brendan

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