Any way to work around mouse problems?

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Mon Jul 15 04:37:13 EDT 2002


I am using Q2 v0.13.1 and am experiencing problems with the mouse. I use only the video driver without QMAX support. I have a 3DFX Voodoo3 running on
XFree86 4.1.0. + Linux Kernel 2.4.17 with DRM support for my Voodoo 3. Everything
is fine and dandy except that the mouse doesn't work well. In fact, basically the
mouse works, but very slow and jumpy. Looks like there's a calibration problem
with it. It's not because the GL is slow because Quake works just fine with the
keyboard. But, heh, free look is a must... If anyone had a clue how I can
work around that, it would be much appreciated.

There's two other issues as well that I've noted. First it looks like quake2
doesn't take into account /etc/quake2.conf. I just put in it /opt/quake2, where
my quake2 stuff is located. Usually I don't need to chdir to /opt/quake2 to
start it (back when I was using the plain 3.20 some time ago). It's not a
permission problem as the file is mode 0644. What could be wrong?

Second thing is that Quake 2 doesn't set properly the hints for window managers.
I'm using Window Maker and it's a bore since I can't dock quake 2 because of
that. Maybe for the next release set it to Quake2.quake2? Looks like it's a
common problem to apps that use glx as 'glxgears' has the same problem. However
Quake 2 does have an 'embedded' icon so there must be a way to set the hints
as well.

Apart from these minor issues, I think it works great, no need for some flaky,
unsecure svgalib, no suid, and fiddling with glide anymore for me. It's how it
should have been since the start =) Anyways if someone can on the mouse issue
it would be great!

C. Thompson,

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