[quake2] Bot Protection?

zakk zakk at timedoctor.org
Sun Jul 21 08:50:57 EDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-07-21 at 00:40, Dale wrote:
> Does anyone have any information on bot protection for servers that
> would work with the 0.13.1 release?  I tried q2admin briefly, but it
> crashed and I haven't had time to look into it yet.  Would it be
> recommended to continue my pursuit, or would a fresh copy of the 3.21
> sources from ID be a better option?  Does this source add any value for
> servers, or is it mainly a client side update?
> Thanks
> Dale
I believe there is at least one security update which wasn't in the id
source, which we have. As far as bot protection, you'll need to talk to
the individual developer most likely, if you want their program to work
with icculus.org/quake2.
zakk at timedoctor.org

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