Test report for release 0.13.1 / 3dfx Voodoo1

Carsten Ziepke kieltux at varspool.net
Thu Jul 18 11:55:05 EDT 2002


I am new to the list and first I want to say thank to all who make it possible
to play Q2 with Linux.

Today I have download Release 0.13.1 and compiled on my 2 PCs.
Everything works perfect, but for the FXMesa I have to change the Makefile:
1. It didn`t find glide.h
Problem is line 167 ( FXGLCFLAGS ). I have added
2. It stopped, with an linking error:
Problem is line 169 ( FXGLLDFLAGS). I have added

Then it works.
Testing Platform:
i386 K6-200 / 3dfx Voodoo1 ( 4MB )
Kernel: 2.2.21
Glide 2.46: from cvs at sourceforge

kieltux at varspool.net
Linux User: #248382

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