[quake2] Brendan = Dumbass

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Fri Jul 12 11:11:42 EDT 2002

Okay, I'll repackage 0.13 as 0.13.1 and add a news item.  The problem with
xatrix/rogue is they're not GPL'd so we can' distribute them ourselves,
people need to download them from id on their own.


On 7/12/02 12:20 AM, "zakk" <zakk at timedoctor.org> wrote:

> It's cool, I'm a bit leery of re-releasing the tarballs.
> Perhaps in future mishaps (lets hope there aren't any) we can just bump
> version numbers, so it's not as confusing?
> By the way
> cdless installer is ready to upload, I'll update the news as soon as
> it's ready.
> It's got ctf, xatrix, and rogue.
> I'm going to do a win32 cd installer that will also use the missionpack
> cds. I can't test the mission packs, and their installing-from-cd part
> may be a little hacky.
> Does anyone want me to to use loki_update/make patches for older
> versions?

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