[quake2] Brendan = Dumbass

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Fri Jul 12 00:34:33 EDT 2002


Why don't you put out a 0.13.1 release and take out the 0.13 tarball..?
That way, people who got the initial 0.13 tarball will know it's been
obsoleted. Also, what happened to xatrix and rogue that prevents them from
building...? Just curious..

On a side note, I just got a brand new workstation (sb2000) for 1/6th of
the price with a nice toy (360mb ram, dual-width UPA graphics card
XVR-1000 with full-scene HW scholastic anti-aliasing) so I'll surely will
fix q2 solaris stuff more rapidly.. Once I get a keyboard for the beast so
the console can come up, that is.. :)


On 11 Jul 2002, Brendan Burns wrote:

> Okay,
> I appologize, this is quite possibly the most screwed up release I've
> ever done.
> I've updated the 0.13 release tar ball so it actually builds with QMAX
> set to NO
> *sigh*
> go ahead try and break it, I dare you, I double dog dare you
> (actually don't try that hard, I'd just be too depressed ;-P)
> --brendan

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