[quake2] Announcing Quake2 0.13

zakk zakk at timedoctor.org
Thu Jul 11 17:54:29 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 08:25, Brendan Burns wrote:
> I fixed the tarball last night (around 10pm EST) to include the candy-gl
> directory.  You should download again.
> This morning I fixed the Makefile so that BUILD_XATRIX and BUILD_ROGUE are
> set to NO, that should fix the other error.  You can set the variables
> yourself in the Makefile or download a new build.
> Sorry 'bout that
> --brendan 

It's because of the missionpacks that I get the CL_DebugTrail item?
zakk at timedoctor.org

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