[quake2] Red and blue quake2

Chris Venter chris at dsp.sun.ac.za
Wed Jan 30 11:06:26 EST 2002

It seems I accidentally "erased" the previous changes in the r0.0.8 by not 
doing my updating and patching like a proper person should.

Please ignore the previous patch, I'll repost it as soon as I have a 
working (and this time, less rude) patch available.


On Wed, 30 Jan 2002, Chris Venter wrote:

> Hi all,
> I saw this link <http://www.jfedor.org/red-blue-quake2/>
> on www.linuxgames.com on Friday. It creates a stereo software renderer for 
> those funky red and blue glasses.
> jfedor modified the original id source, which I just manually 
> applied to the r0.0.8 release, and created a patch (attached).
> I have tested this patch on a clean r0.0.8 source tree and it compiles 
> for me. If it doesn't want to patch/compile properly, please tell me.
> Thanks for all the cool work guys, I have rediscovered quake2!
> PS jfedor mentions he may still do an OpenGL renderer, which may speed 
> things up. Any takers?

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