first prob

marc.poulhies at marc.poulhies at
Mon Jan 28 17:13:16 EST 2002

I'm still trying to compil q2 on sunos but the first prob
i have is Sys_Error from q_shsolaris.c. This is a void func,
there is no return statement in the func but gcc tells:
solaris/sys_solaris.c: In function `Sys_Error':
solaris/sys_solaris.c:121: warning: `noreturn' function does return

I looked where i could find something about that... i found in qcommon.h
the __attribute__((noreturn, format(printf,1,2))) but don't really know
what it does. I tried to comment it but still have the same error. 
Can someone help me?
i'm sorry if my question is very simple =)

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