Quake 2 Mods

Mike Lundy mike at vinge.mine.nu
Tue Jan 22 21:37:50 EST 2002

I've tried with gunslinger (http://www.quakeworld.com/gunslinger/), 
which has source- it compiles alright, but i can never get a 
dedicated server to run it. It runs fine when the game is served 
from a client, though. (at least, single player- can't try 
multiplayer). In dedicated mode, the server can use the maps 
that are in the gs dir, and the ammo appears as it would in the 
gs mod, it just has the normal quake2 weapons. Not really sure
how to figure out what's going on- any pointers? I'm using current

PS: I'm using vim6 to write this. How do you get vim to wrap text
automatically? :set wrap only sets it for the client, not in the
actual mail, so i'm wrapping by hand (a pain). thanks :)

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