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Ty Norton tyler.norton at aproductofsociety.org
Sat Jan 19 09:55:48 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-01-14 at 04:37, an unknown sender wrote:
> Hi folks,
> The review of relnev's Quake2 port at thehaus.net mentions that it would be 
> nice if it used Loki's Setup to do the installation work.
> To avoid possible duplication of effort, just to note that I've built 
> installers with Setup before (back in the days of OpenUT :-) so I'm prepared 
> to have a look at this.
> I'm currently away from home on business for a week, but I'll start to have a 
> look next weekend if I have time. If anyone beats me to it, fine...
> Andy

Neato, was pretty simple to create a self extracting binary with loki's
templates. Lemme know if anyone wants what I made.

Ty Norton | tyler.norton at aproductofsociety.org

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