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David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Sat Feb 23 03:15:23 EST 2002

Steven Fuller <relnev at icculus.org> meowed:

SF> Also, I'd  like for  someone to  pick up  the Q2  maintainership.  I
SF> think I've done all I can.

        Thank you and whoever contributed  this far, for giving new life
to quake2 in linux. The only means left to play the original binary over
here was soft-x11 mode, with  broken sound and low resolutions. Now that
you've made it  possible to use GLX (and that  without needing svgalib!)
I can actually see  the better graphics side of this  game again =). So,
thank you =).

        Now all  that's left  for me  to get around  is the  wacky mouse
behaviour in GLX mode.. =] heh.


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