[quake2] Mouse problems in GLX mode ...

David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Sat Feb 23 03:04:27 EST 2002

Chunky Kibbles <chunky at icculus.org> meowed:

CK> Have you tried just messing about some with the "xset m " command?

        Yes  (Window  Maker  has  a  small  mouse  configuration  option
where  it  utilises xset  m  and  other  such  commands to  store  mouse

        I've set it both to absolutely 0, then going up in small steps.

        Quake2 behaves as follows:

        Imagine you set threshold to something like 3 and accleration to
-999 (something like, immediate stop).

        So I move the mouse. If I move  it slow, I can turn around pixel
by pixel. If  I set the  'sensitivity' in quake2  to 200 I  can actually
turn around  as if I was  in one of  those old 3D roleplaying  games (90
degree steps)  when I move the  mouse extremely slow).  However,  if the
mouse is moved faster than 'slow': movements just halts completely.

        I have  absolutely no idea  why this  happens, and it  only does
when in GLX mode =(. No other game, no other app, nothing at all behaves
similarly. xset m seems  to do no chances to this  behaviour in any way,

        =( I'm fresh out  of ideas, except if you'd like  me to give you
debug information, here is some:

        This  is  a RIVA  TNT  2  with 32  MB  of  ram.  Attached  is  a
        PS/2  mouse  (logitech)  with  a wheel.   And  a  Wacom  drawing
        tablet, which  I made sure  has no influence on  mouse behaviour

        If you need other specs... please tell me.

        =/  Any more  help is  greatly appreciated,  thank you  for your
reply Gary =).


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