[quake2] announcement

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.net
Fri Feb 22 23:35:59 EST 2002

Steven (et al),
I willing to take on maintainership.  I've had experience stewarding an
open source application before (A web tool over on Apache) so I've got
an idea of what these responsabilities mean.

I'm interested in building joystick support into Quake 2, other than
that I'm willing to field and incorporate patches etc.

Once caveat:
I don't have the kind of personal bandwidth/access to a server to host
the quake2 site and CVS.  So that would need to remain at icculus (or I
suppose it could move to sourceforge...)

Also although I'm willing to do this since I will be using Quake2 on
linux, but if someone else really wants to take this under his/her wing
feel free.

--brendan burns

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