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David Mehrmann jammet at
Fri Feb 22 04:25:23 EST 2002

	Hej everyone, I'm new to the mailinglist, and I already have
a little problem with the CVS version of quake 2...

	The game is running just fine... well, except for the mouse 
not working now. This is only in GLX mode, both SDL and non SDL. When
I move the mouse _very_ slowly, the viewpoint moves a few pixels, but
when I try moving faster with the mouse, the viewpoint does not move
at all.

	It is like the mouse is set to have a threshold to stop working
whenever I move it faster than at a crawls speed. 

 	No idea what is causing it. =/ It only happens in GLX mode 
(Nvidia TNT 2), not in any software rendering mode, and both with
and without SDL.

	Please help?
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