[quake2] Roadmap.

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Fri Aug 30 11:14:38 EDT 2002

The breakdown is pretty straightforward:
        client/  The network client code
        ctf/     The capture the flag game code  (analgous to "game" below)
        docs/    Documentation
        game/    The basic game code
        irix/    System specific code for Irix (SGI)
        linux/   System specific code for linux
        null/    Empty implementations
        qcommon/ Code common to the server and client
        ref_candygl/    Video implementation with improved GL graphics
        ref_gl/  OpenGL video renderer
        ref_soft/ Software video renderer
        rhapsody/ Old Rhapsody (pre OS X) system specific code
        server/   Server specific code
        solaris/ System specific code for Solaris
        win32/   System specific win32 code

Hope that helps.  If you have any more specific questions about particular
files, let me know.


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