adam at damek.org adam at damek.org
Wed Aug 7 10:38:14 EDT 2002

Back when the q2max stuff was first merged in, I tried it and liked it so much 
that I went and found the q2max site and now I use that when I'm in Windows - 
it's really cool!

But now I had to redo my machine, and, faced with installing everything again, 
I took the easier route of using the precompiled installer you provide.  I miss 
the q2max enhancements.  I don't remember seeing any bugs before, but I didn't 
play it that much.

Anyway, I'm missing it enough that I'm tempted to compile from CVS again, 
enabling q2max myself - but the "floor sparks" bug sounds annoying - I guess 
I'm wondering if it was there before and I just didn't experience it, or if 
this is a bug that's popped up later on, like a while after the q2max code was 
first merged in.

I also noticed that the q2max code that was merged was .25, and now they're up 
to .35 ... are there plans to re-merge it periodically to incorporate future 
fixes/features, or was this just a "see if we can do it" thing, or what?  
Sorry, I just have no idea how difficult/easy these things are...

Thanks for the excellent port, and making it so easy to play Q2 on linux! :)

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