mouse release upon segfault

Peter Jay Salzman p at
Tue Aug 6 16:37:46 EDT 2002

hi there,

i'm investigating a segfault that's occuring, presumably due to
something related to QMAX.

i noticed that when the program bombs, the mouse in X becomes
unresponsive (console mouse is fine).  to get the mouse back, i have to
re-run quake2 and quit normally before the game crashes.  this restores
the X mouse.

i don't know much about graphics programming, but that says to me that
the mouse is somehow "grabbed" and not released, due to the segfault.

as something on the "todo" list, can you look into releasing the mouse
when quake2 generates a sigsegv?

i've seen other games leave the mouse ok after segfaulting.  unpatched
heretic 2 is one giant segfault waiting to happen, but even so, it left
the mouse intact.

far from top priority.  it would just be "nice".   :)

i'd do it myself, but like i said, i know absolutely zero, zilch, nada
about graphics programming.


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