[quake2] re: the quake 2 project

Victor Shkamerda vvs at auto.bnm.org
Thu Apr 25 02:24:51 EDT 2002

>>> stratusfearx13 at earthlink.net 04/25/02 08:23AM >>>
>I haven't used diff before, hopefully this is the right kind of output you're
>looking for (it output as text, not a file), so if it isn't, just tell me what
>arguments to use with diff in the console and I'll resend it.

I bet Brendon will ask you to run diff -u on your makefiles, so it will produce some context around changed lines too.

>Also, rogue wasn't compiling correctly, I fixed that, so that also appears
>below. When your makefile got corrupted, I guess you missed adding the
>rest of that section.

Yes, I was going to report it myself, but you beat me to it :-)

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