[quake2] re: the quake 2 project

Wesley Bear stratusfearx13 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 24 00:25:13 EDT 2002

Oops, I read that thing about the mod binaries in your own readme :-D  I
think I saw it over on PQ once or twice as well though.

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First I want to say great work on the project.  I've compiled and
installed it on two machines under Mandrake 8.2, and so far it works
great.  Second, I believe I read in the readme about q2ded being added
if there's support shown for it?  I really don't know anything about
C/C++, so I couldn't really contribute to the project much, but I have
figured my way around GCC and the Makefile (it wasn't that hard...), and
after having a look at id's source release makefile, I got q2ded support
in your makefile without having to modify anything else but just that
file.  It only took me about 30 minutes to get it to compile right.
I've had it running on my P133 machine (yes, P133, it's a small
webserver usually :-)) for a while now and it seems to be just fine
(timelimits, fraglimits, joining, all gameplay action, switching maps,
it all works so far).  It also works on my main system as well.  I know
you guys would have easily been able to do that on your own since you're
programmers and I'm not, but if you want the modified makefile for your
cvs or further development, I can attach it in another email.  Also, I
heard a possible reason somewhere (here maybe?  Not sure) that many mod
binaries won't work is that many of them may have been compiled with
older versions of GCC and the glibc libraries...I don't know how true
that might be or how much it helps you, but it's a thought.  Anyway,
keep up the good work, you have a really good project going, and it's a
great help to all of us old Q2 and Linux fans :-D


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