[quake2] x rendering problem

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Wed Apr 3 04:56:43 EST 2002

Great.. :) I'll validate that patch for the Solaris version of rw_x11.c
and merge the changes..


On 2 Apr 2002, Brendan Burns wrote:

> > Hello there,
> > I'm experiencing a problem with any X renderer and both sdl and normal quake2
> > binary.
> > I've binded the hook as:
> > bind q +hook
> > but when i press "q" (and don't release it), if I move the mouse it will
> > react as if i released and pressed it again (it looks like if it resets the
> > keyboard keys).
> Hey,
> I duplicated this problem, actually it has nothing to do with moving the
> mouse, it has everything to do with the fact that when X repeats keys it
> fires both XKeyPress and XKeyRelease events over and over again like:
> <press and hold q>
> XKeyPress
> XKeyRelease
> XKeyPress
> XKeyRelease
> ...
> XKeyPress
> <let go of q>
> XKeyRelease
> which I think is wicked stupid, but I guess it helps programs that
> aren't smart enough to handle a whole string of XKeyPress events...
> Anyway, the good news is that the nice folks over at SDL figured out
> (well copied actually) some code which figures out if the key is
> repeating, turn-about being fair play, I copied the code from them *I
> love open source* into the rw_x11.c renderer.  This appears to have
> fixed the problem.  Now if you:
> bind q say "foobar"
> if you press and hold 'q', you will only say something once.
> To get this change, update to the latest version in CVS, and let me know
> if it breaks anything!
> --brendan

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