[openbox] <width> and <height> in <applications> is client only?

sunnycemetery at gmail.com sunnycemetery at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 07:40:23 EST 2021

2021-03-07, 09:14, D.T.:
> So the openbox wiki says - for Actions (*) - that specifying <width> >and  
> <height> by default measures the whole window including >decorations,  
> but for the <applications> section this doesn't seem to be >true.

Perhaps the applications section remains unaware of window decorations  
because they are not available at time of window creation.  Aside from  
possible ambiguity in documentation, what problems does this behavior  

By the way, terminal emulators often report their geometry in $COLUMNS  
and $LINES, not pixels.  I am not familiar with Zutty, but xwininfo can  
show you.

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