[openbox] proper way to use mouse keys as modifiers for mouebinds in rc.xml?

Philip Mundhenk philip.mundhenk at protonmail.ch
Tue Feb 11 00:12:08 EST 2020

Is there a mouse binding syntax to assign meaning to, for example, "middle click while I'm holding down the left button"? In my immediate use case I want unique actions for middle click, scroll up, and scroll down while left is held down (i.e., following a left press but prior to a left release) without evoking the actions I have assigned plain unmodified middle click, scroll up, and scroll down. Left Press would still have whatever other actions are assigned, that's fine.  I can imagine ways to cobble this together (e.g., press touches a file in a ramdisk, release deletes the file, scroll up linked script checks if file exists, etc.),  but maybe that wheel has already been invented?
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